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  Manipulating Proteoglycans for Therapeutic Use
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Agenta's platform technology, patented in late 2006, has enourmous potential for discovery of new drugs for healing, and for tissue regeneration.  We have discovered a way to create hundreds of thousands of potentially useful modifications to what other scientists have found to be critical molecules in the natural growth and healing processes.

This means improvements in how well, and how fast, broken bones or implants heal.  This means improvements in spine and vertebral disc treatments, possibly in a way that could be done without surgery.  This also means improvements in skin healing after terrible burns, and healing of sores that won’t heal in diabetics or in the elderly, or skin that is damaged from sun or age.

The critical molecule, and the core of Agenta’s technology, is the proteoglycan (proteo-glycan).  Proteoglycans consist of two parts; the protein core, and long, sophisticated, glycan chains; hence the name proteoglycan.

This class of molecules can promote healing through a variety of known mechanisms; as required carriers and activators for important growth factors in healing; providing structure; increasing blood supply; and increasing tissue hydration.  Accordingly, these therapeutics can be applied to bone, cartilage, discs in the spine, and to skin, or serve as coatings for vascular stents and implants. Our initial focus is directed towards bone healing. 

Agenta is currently targeting bone healing in the mouth, and the ability to grow new bone in the jaw and around teeth, something that almost everyone needs as they get older.  Our pre-clinical bone data is positive, and we are preparing for FDA interactions on the way to human clinical trials.

Agenta is also funded for research to improve soft tissue healing - faster heaing with greater vascularity and less scarring.

Agenta Biotechnologies, Inc. is a team of experienced scientists, management leaders, directors, and associates developing new drugs for healing and regeneration.  It is Agenta Biotechnologies’ mission to be the world leader in manipulating proteoglycans for therapeutic use.

Agenta Biotechnologies, Inc. is a privately held discovery-based biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.